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Pre-Sales Questions

You’re considering a Doran Scale but need more information.

How do I choose the right capacity scale for my intended use?

Choose the capacity of the scale to match the heaviest object that you will be weighing.

Most of our scales are available in a large variety of maximum capacities. The best choice is the one that will be the perfect balance between the maximum capacity and the resolution of the scale. For example, our Model 7050XL bench scale has a specification of 50 x 0.01lb, which means the scale’s maximum capacity is 50 pounds and weight is displayed in 0.01 pound increments.

There are several reasons to not simply buy the highest capacity of scale available. As the capacities increase, the size of the scale platform increases, and so does the cost of the scale. Also, the resolution becomes “coarser” as the capacity goes up. For example, our 7000XL bench scale with the highest capacity has a specification of 1,000 x 0.2lbs (a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds with weight displayed in 0.2 pounds increments). Compare this to the 50-pound scale example that displays in 0.01 pound increments.

Do I need Legal for Trade?

It depends. You do need it when a product that you are producing or packing is being sold by weight. If the packaging or label shows a certain per ounce or per pound weight (or per gram), then it will be required. Doran scales are approved for legal for trade applications, that even includes our airline baggage scales. Doran Portion Scales are legal for trade.

What are the warranty terms?

The length of the warranty can be range from one to two years, depending on the model of scale. The warranty period for each scale is shown on the Specification tab. Many of the baggage scales, painted steel, and portion control scales come with a one year warranty on material and workmanship. Our bench scales, scale bases, indicators, and checkweighers come with a two year warranty. While under warranty, any Doran product can be returned for repair or replacement at no cost to you. (Prior shipping authorization is needed.)

How long until I receive my scale once the order is placed?

Almost all of our scales are in stock, boxed, and ready to ship. The speed of delivery depends on the shipping method you choose. If a scale is not in stock, allow 1 to 2 extra business days for it to arrive and be calibrated. Either way, you won’t be waiting around for several weeks for the scale to arrive.

Does the scale weigh in grams, too?

Most of our scales weigh in grams and pounds. Converting is as simple as pressing the “Units” button to easily change between standard U.S. and metric units.

How come I saw digital scales cheaper than yours on eBay?

You can get digital scales on eBay, but they won’t be built to the same standards of quality and performance as a Doran Scale. Low cost, mass produced scales made overseas manufactured by factories without the ISO9000 quality controls that Doran works under are available on eBay. Some may even be less expensive than ours. But you’ll need to consider that these scales don’t tend to last as long as ours, and if a repair is necessary, parts are typically unavailable, rendering the scales useless. If your business depends on a scale, reliability and ease of service have to be considered. Bottom line—you have a choice, buy disposable scales on eBay or make a one-time investment in a scale that you can depend on—a Doran digital scale.

Do you sell used or refurbished Doran Scales?

We do not have used or refurbished scales for sale. The fact is, people don’t tend to trade our scales in or get rid of them. Doran scales are reliable, easy to maintain, and easy to repair, so they’re used for many years. We have received service calls for 15-year-old Doran Scales that customers are happily still using and will continue to use.


You’ve decided to buy a Doran Scale but need information to help you choose the right model or options.

How will I get data from the scale to a PC, which data output option is best?

There are several options for data communication. Basic cable connections like USB or RS232 can be run wired from the scale to a computer. Many of our scales also offer a wired or wireless Ethernet option for a business network. Options for fiber optic communications or Bluetooth are available, too. Check out our Data Communications page for details. Whether the communication is across the room or across the ocean we can assist you with selecting the best method for your application and work setting.


Support Questions

You own a Doran Scale and have questions about maintenance and usage.

How often should I calibrate the scale?

For light duty scale usage, you’ll likely need to calibrate the scale just once a year. However, if a scale is part of a critical process that affects profitability, it should be checked daily. If the scale platform has been damaged, it should be recalibrated immediately. For more guidelines, see our blog on Scale Calibration Frequency.