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OEM Scales - Private Label Scales

OEM scale manufacturing is something Doran Scales Inc. performs on a regular basis and has a long history of supplying custom scales and weighing solutions for a wide variety of industry applications.

O.E.M., Custom, or Private Label Scales and Systems

Scales have come a long way since the days of the mechanical dial scales that dominated the weighing industry for years. Advanced electronics and microprocessor technology has changed how we weigh. Scales can provide you with much more than how much a product weighs. Today's digital scales can display whether or not the weight is over an acceptable weight by means of visual or auditory signals, send data to a computer, or activate mixers, motors, and pumps. Working closely with original equipment manufacturers, scale manufacturers, and restaurants, Doran Scales, Inc. has designed and built custom scales and healthcare kiosk scales that weigh items from grain to hospital patients.

The experience that you can depend on.

Doran Scales, Inc. has over 38 years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of precision digital weighing instruments, always striving to supply our customers with the most up to date technology and innovations. Our Stainless Steel scale product line consists of checkweighers, bench scales, floor scales, and intrinsically safe scales. Doran's customers turn to us for the quality and durability of our products.

The designing and manufacturing of our scales takes place at our facility in Batavia, Illinois. To provide this manufacturing and design capability, 15% of our employees are engineers. This engineering team allows our product turnaround time to be short with custom scales you help to design to meet your specific requirements.

All of Doran's advantages have allowed us to provide our OEM customers with a custom, cost effective and precise product. Our engineers will work with your engineering department to achieve the desired product performance. Please contact us if you are interested in making your product a value-added product by incorporating scale components into its design.