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Success Stories

Bakery Reduces Ingredient Waste and Bad Batch Costs by $39,158

A large national baking company realized that improving the performance of their minor ingredient scaling could lead to a significant impact on their profitability. Additionally they were averaging one bad batch a week due to errors in the minor ingredient hand adds. They looked to Doran Scales to provide the solution to reduce costs from wasted ingredients and bad batches.

Sauce Manufacturer Cooks up $10,800 Savings with Doran's 2200

A manufacturer of spaghetti and other cooking sauces turned to Doran for a solution to increase the accuracy, accountability, and management oversight of their automatic batching. They were using an older process control indicator which relied on the mixing operator to manually key in the target weights for each ingredient to be automatically dispensed. This company realized that the recipes were not being followed, batch consistency varied considerably from batch to batch, and inventory usage always was incorrect. As a result, the company lost hundreds of dollars a month due to bad batches that were either thrown out or sold as seconds.

Margarine Production Increases Profitability by Over $29,000 a Year with Doran's QC Scale Systems

A producer of margarine and other non-dairy spreads needed a means to verify that their Quality Control (QC) procedures were being implemented. Their QC procedures required a sample to be taken every 15 minutes at the filling machine. Based upon these weighments the filling machine was adjusted to keep the product weight within the desired tolerance. They were hand recording the QC samples which were then transcribed into an Excel™ worksheet. At issue was the amount of time required to create usable QC reports from hand-written records and a concern that QC checks were not being performed as required.

Mushroom Grower Increases Production Output by 5,000 lbs a Day Using Doran Checkweighers

A large mushroom grower needed a way to ensure that the tills of mushrooms were being filled to the proper weight and a means to verify the productivity of each employee. Since whole mushrooms vary in weight and size, the tills of mushrooms were filled by hand. They knew the weight of the bulk mushrooms and the total weight of all the mushrooms packaged that day, and they realized that almost 4% of product was lost or unaccounted for during the packaging process. This needed to be improved to keep a healthy profit margin for this company.