Innovation at every level

Doran products are the result of almost five decades of design experience in industrial weighing systems — and our processes have produced innovation at every level.

We engineer and manufacture Doran products to meet our quality and performance standards — with heavy-duty components, and exceptional build quality that delivers best-in-class protection against the damaging effects of shock, washdown and other environmental factors that can cause costly repairs and production downtime.

Scales + Software

Delivering value from day-one.

Outperforming anything in the market.

Managing every detail to ensure total product quality.

Staying ahead of the curve.

People + Performance

Aligning our solutions with your goals.

Being responsive to every market opportunity.

Maintaining systems at peak performance.

Raising the bar on R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

Information + Integration

Connect systems for plant-wide visibility.

Transforming production data into a competitive advantage.

Maintain 24/7 access to archived data.

Pushing the envelope on what weighing systems can do.

Automation + Accountability

Practical features that accelerate operations.

Best-in-class tools to improve your profitability.

Operator accountability for continuous improvement.

Delivering a faster ROI.

It’s all about connectivity

Complete connectivity solutions. Equipment + software.

See the big picture and manage every detail. Achieve consistency and drive productivity at every step in the process. Configurations and options to meet your requirements.

Send real-time data to devices. Program scales and indicators.

Better solutions

Doran systems running Doran ionSuite software. Fully integrated technology for complete weighing solutions.

Attain connectivity to laptops, Doran scale or mobile.

Faster workflows

Real-time data to any browser. Process control — from formulation through packaging and traceability.

Generate in-depth, accurate reports for operators and management.

Complete control

Cloud-based archive or store on-site. Access detail management reports and optimize production

Increase EfficiencyMinimize Downtimes Maximize AccountabilityCreate ConnectivityReduce CostsDrive Productivity