Doran Scales Training

on-site training
off-site training

Doran Training

We bring the know-how. Our experts can provide owners, managers and operations the practical information to operate and maintain Doran systems But more than that, we know how to increase productivity and drive profits by using weighing systems to improve quality and reduce waste. Our training is based on more than 40 years of experience — designing, manufacturing, and developing solutions for specific applications.

We offer training for initial product install and also for retaining.

To request on-site or off-site training, send us an email to: [email protected]

On-site training

We offer training for the installation of the FC6300 Series Formula Control Scale and the BC6500 Series Bulk Control Indicator. Training consists of how to connect the equipment to your network, installing ionSuite software, ionSuite training for operators and management, fine tuning of system operations, overall review of the system, and signoff by the customer after installation is completed.

Off-site training

To train off-site, Doran has a broadcast quality video camera that is used in conjunction with video conferencing software to demonstrate and train management and operators. For software installation, we install via remote support software and train on configuring the software and scales. This can be for first time installations or retraining of employees.