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Doran Announces New VP of Business Development

Mark Kuchuris
St. Charles, Illinois— Doran Scales announced the hiring of Mark Kuchuris, an accomplished executive in food service and supply chain management, to serve as Vice President of Business Development - Central Region. Mark joins Doran as the company is expanding its line of scales and connectivity software — delivering comprehensive weighing solutions designed to drive productivity and increase quality control for food service companies.

Q&A with Mark Podl

Mark Podl is the CEO of Doran Scales, Inc., founded in 1978, providing a complete line of connectivity solutions and scales for food service, industrial and medical.

Tariffs and trade: How current policy is impacting industrial scale pricing, production and service.

In July, the U.S. imposed tariffs on a range of imported products, including scales, steel and aluminum. The tariffs have sparked a response from China, the European Union, Canada, Mexico and other trading partners.

Scale Calibration Frequency: How Often Should I Calibrate my Doran Digital Scale?

When to calibrate a scale or proper calibration intervals is an important consideration to ensure your Doran Scale is performing at peak accuracy over its lifespan. There are many different factors to determine the correct answer for your specific application.

Solid State Relay VS Mechanical Relay - Which One is Best?

Since the genesis of solid-state relays some decades ago, the argument about which is better, solid-state relays (SSRs) or electromechanical relays (EMRs), has raged on. The answer is neither, as each relay type has positive and negative aspects. But if you factor in specific application requirements, clear winners emerge.

Solve the Waste Mystery: New Scale Software Can Track Production Waste and Increase Profits

Waste Traxx - Plant Waste Management Software

Waste Traxx, a unique software that tracks waste in the food industry premieres this month. The software developed by Doran Scales of Batavia, Illinois, works in communication with a floor scale, a computer, and a server to pinpoint sources of waste. Solving the mystery of waste accountability will lead to increased profitability and address sustainability issues.