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Video: Selecta In-Motion Checkweigher

See the Selecta In-Motion Checkweigher's features and benefits in this short, fast-paced video

Formula Control Scale - Formula Creation Demo

Mark Podl, CEO of Doran Scales, demonstrates how the FC6300 guides the user through a sample formula or recipe.  The end results are ingredient savings, consistent product quality, and employee accountability.

Waste Traxx Demo Video

A demonstration of our software solution to manage food plant waste.  The software demo shows how the client and server programs work together and how to use the reports generated by Waste Traxx to discover actionable data from your plant floor.

4300 Checkweigher Scale Demo

View this checkweigh scale to see some of the features that make the Model 4300 an outstanding value for a washdown safe check weigh scale

2200CW Checkweigher with QC Weigh

Combining our 2200CW Checkweigh Scale with our QC Weigh provides a complete system that guarantees that QC weight samples are done on a consistent basis. The resulting QC data is much more accurate and reliable than handwritten records. Our CEO, Mark Podl, explains how this system works.

How to Load the Doran Barcode Label Printer

View this video to see how to correctly load the label stock in your Doran Barcode Label Printer.