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DS4500 Infant Lactation Scale

DS4500 Infant Lactation Scale

Portable, lightweight and easy to use, with one-button Feed function and audio signals.

DS4100 Infant Scale

DS4100 Infant Scale

Portable, accurate, and affordable. Light weight for easier mobility.

DS4050 Digital Infant Scale

DS4050 Digital Infant Scale

Accurate, high quality contruction, easy operation at an affordable price.

DS6200 Remote Indicator Scale

Precise. Affordable. Mobile. The ideal physician scale for traveling medical professionals.

DS5250 Eye Level Digital Physician Scale

Precision and Affordability. The ideal physician scale for weighing excellence.

DS5200 Waist High Digital Physician Scale

Revolutionize your clinic with our cost-efficient waist-high solution.

DS5100 Digital Physician Scale

A faster and easier way to weigh and measure patients accurately.

DS6150 Remote Indicator Scale with base

DS6150 Remote Indicator Scale

Versatile, affordable weighing solution ideal for a physician’s office, acute care, or visiting home nurse.

DS2100 Mechanical Physician Scale

DS2100 Mechanical Physician Scale

A classic design with impressive features offers an easier way to measure height and weight.

DS7040 Waist High Handrail Scale

Ruggedly constructed and a low-profile scale platform with easy maneuverability.

DS7060 Handrail Scale, Non slip base, Gray handrails, indicator on top

DS7060 Handrail Scale

Ruggedly constructed and a low-profile scale platform with easy maneuverability.

DS7100 Handrail Scale, gray, Nonslip base, Hand rails on side

DS7100 Handrail Scale

This light-weight unit is engineered for accuracy, patient safety, and easy portability.

DS7200 Handrail Scale, Gray, non slip base, with handles below indicator screen

DS7200 Handrail Scale

Accurate up to 1,000 pounds — and Touchless Start acquires a weight in less than two seconds.

DS8030 Portable, Fold-Up Wheelchair Scale

DS8030 Portable, Fold-up Wheelchair Scale

Smart, easy mobility design makes weighing patients in wheelchairs fast, easy and always reliable.

DS8150 Digital Chair Scale

DS8150 Digital Chair Scale

Cleverly designed to deliver ease of mobility and operation.

DS9100 Wheelchair Scale

The ultimate design for versatility and portability with effortless four caster rolling.

PC-100 Diaper and Specimen Scale

A smartly designed, cost-effective solution with remarkable accuracy.

PC-400 Diaper or Specimen Scale

PC-400 Diaper and Specimen Scale

Durably constructed entirely of stainless steel for easy-to-clean performance.

Angled photo of 550 Diaper or Specimen scale

550 Diaper or Specimen Scale

Washdown safe, IP68 Certified stainless-steel battery-powered scale provides 100 hours on a full charge.

DS1125 Infant Measuring Rod on it's side

DS1125 Infant Measuring Rod

Versatile, easy-to-read, precision engineered, and constructed of heavy gauge aluminum.

DS1100 Plastic Mechanical Height Rod

DS1100 Plastic Mechanical Height Rod

Precise and easy-of-use, effortlessly slide the height measurement arm into position.

DS1150 Aluminum Mechanical Height Rod

DS1150 Aluminum Mechanical Height Rod

Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum to deliver years of accurate height readings.

Head Circumference measuring tape

Head Circumference Measuring Tape

Quick, easy, and accurate measurement of head circumference and face symmetry.

Stack of fanned out growth charts

Growth Charts

These color-coded charts allows easy tracking of patient’s progress.

DS500 Flat Digital Scale

Sleek design, easy-to-read display with "one tap" Auto-On convenience.